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Ruby Princess Coronavirus Personal Injury Claims

If you or a family member has been affected by COVID-19 as a passenger on board the Ruby Princess, or through having come into contact with a passenger, you may have a claim to compensation. This could be for personal injury and include economic loss, such as loss of wages and or loss of future earnings.


Should the Ruby Princess be held liable?

It is a given that the Ruby Princess had and has a duty of care to protect its passengers from COVID-19 and communicable diseases more generally.

What we are considering is whether that duty was breached, given the allegations of it having existing knowledge of the COVID-19 contamination aboard.

The decision of NSW Health and commonwealth agencies in allowing the Ruby Princess to dock and passengers to disembark is also significant and forms part of our investigation.

The facts

1. The Ruby Princess departed Circular Quay on 8 March 2020 and docked in Sydney on 19 March 2020 after completing a roundtrip to New Zealand.

2. At that time, 158 cases of illness has already been recorded by the Ruby Princess on an earlier journey.

3. Notwithstanding this, all 2,700 passengers were allowed to disembark at Circular Quay and return to their homes.

4. These passengers were not informed of the earlier cases of illness.

5. Since disembarking more than 400 coronavirus cases, 10% of Australia’s total, are from the Ruby Princess.

6. NSW Health has conceded it was a mistake to allow passengers to disembark.

If you were a passenger, regardless of whether you contracted COVID-19 or not, or you have come into contact with a passenger, please contact  Serina Pace on +61 8 8410 9294 or through our contact us page for a no obligation discussion concerning your legal avenues of redress against Ruby Princess for both personal injury and economic losses such as loss of wages and or future earnings.

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