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Our Disputes & Litigation Service


Pace Lawyers have a very experienced and successful team of litigation & dispute lawyers.

Cost Effective Dispute Resolution

Our focus is on resolving disputes as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, without the need to go to court.

This saves our clients money and time.

There is always a balance to be struck between the outcome that can be achieved and the cost of litigation or resolution.

By factoring in the commercial reality of a claim we can advise on the best course of action.

Resolving a dispute before it becomes litigious is often the most cost effective outcome for a client.​



Litigation Strategy and Legal Tools

During the court process you will have the opportunity to utilise various legal tools to strategise so as to achieve the best resolution of your claim.

“Offers of Compromise” or “Calderbank Offers” are two such tools that can be adopted as part of a strategy to encourage the other party to settle.

Our dispute and litigation lawyers are skilled negotiators and have extensive experience in developing litigation strategies relevant to the clients particular needs in order to secure the best financial outcome for our clients.

Litigation Lawyers

If an out of court resolution will not result in the best outcome for a client, or the opposing party is not willing to discuss a reasonable outcome, Pace Lawyers is skilled and equipped in undertaking litigation on behalf of its clients.

Our dispute and litigation lawyers have the expertise and drive to represent you in court and engage in a robust and thorough prosecution of your claim.



Calderbank Offer

(A Calderbank offer is the recognised practice of making a “without prejudice” offer but reserving the right to refer to and rely on the offer in relation to costs applications. It derives its name from the English Court of Appeal decision in Calderbank v Calderbank.)



Offer Of Compromise

An offer of compromise is essentially a formal offer to settle a proceeding made in accordance with the relevant court rules.

The Right Legal Representation


If your matter does proceed to trial, the Pace Lawyers dispute litigation team will ensure that you have the appropriate representation.

We work with a selection of expert barristers who are selected on a case by case basis dependent on the specific requirements of each case.

We will also carry out a cost benefits analysis to ensure that each client has the appropriate level of representation and the right strategy to meet their particular needs.

Types of disputes


Disputes come in all shapes and sizes; some times money is sought and other times an order to do or not do something is sought.

The issues in disputes can range over multiple areas of law, requiring expertise in each respective discipline.

We practice in a range of property, commercial, corporate, employment and industrial areas of law, which enhances our dispute resolution skills.


Two Court Systems For Disputes

In Australia we have both Commonwealth and state court systems that run parallel to each other. Some disputes can be commenced in either system (known as jurisdiction in legalese) and the choice of jurisdiction will depend on various factors including complexity of the issues in dispute and money value of the claim (also known as quantum). We will advise on the optimal jurisdiction for your claim based on a mix of factors.


Pace Lawyers Dispute Resolution Services

Our extensive experience in the area of dispute resolution enables us to provide realistic outcomes for our clients so as to avoid drawn out, expensive litigation. As skilled negotiators, we practice alternate dispute resolution (ADR) wherever possible to avoid the stresses of court by reaching commercial resolutions for our clients.

Professional Negligence

To bring a successful claim for professional negligence, you must establish that there was a duty of care owed to you by the professional and that the professional breached their duty of care, resulting in harm or damage to you. In some professions where the existence of a duty is not settled law, careful argument must be made and, in some instances, care is required in articulating the exact nature of the breach. In any event, such claims come in a multitude of forms and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach cannot be taken.

Breach of Contract

There are many ways in which a breach of contract may occur and it can be difficult to work out if a party to a contract is in breach. Uncertainty can stem from poor drafting or construction of a contract. It is usually only the cases where the arguments on either side both have merit that end up in court, as the parties can not reach common ground. Our experienced lawyers will attempt to resolve your dispute in a very cost-effective manner.

Corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Disputes arise in this context where bankruptcy trustees or liquidators attempt to repatriate monies paid to creditors for goods and/or services, claiming the same to be preferential or uncommercial payments to that creditor. Pace Lawyers has brought both such actions on behalf of liquidators and also defended such claims successfully for creditors, for over two decades. This is a complex and technical area of law where diligent advice is a must.

Unfair Preference Claims

Building and Construction Disputes

Building or construction disputes can have a massive impact on your life and that of your family. Be you a home owner, builder, developer, contractor or subcontractor, these disputes are always stressful and often extremely costly. Lingering or unresolved disputes can delay the build and cause significant increases in budgeted costs. Timely and pragmatic advice is the key. Our property law team is well aware of the need to move decisively and effectively in these matters and has the skills and resources to do so.

Director and Shareholder Disputes

Disputes may arise in the corporate landscape where directors are accused of breaching their duties of care, where shareholders claim to be oppressed by a majority and/or shareholder agreements are said to be contravened. The available causes of action are vast as are the remedies, heightening the need for a skilled professional to navigate you through this area of law. We have had conduct of such matters for over two decades.

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Do I Need A Lawyer?


Most of us encounter conflict every day of our life and while we don’t need a lawyer when we are served the wrong coffee order there are times when engaging a lawyer to handle your dispute will get you a much better result with greatly reduced stress.


What should I know about my dispute?

The main things you should have a handle on are:

  • You need to know what you are entitled to.
  • You should know what your exposure is.
  • You should consider whether or not you can negotiate a settlement with the other side.
  • You should also have an idea of how quickly a resolution can be reached.


When Should I Contact A Lawyer?

In The Case Of Debt Recovery

In the case of a debt recovery, you will likely know how much you should be paid but you may not be receiving fast replies (or any replies) to your inquiries about late payments — leaving in doubt when (and if) you will ever be paid.


If You Are Being Sued

If, on the other hand, you are concerned about someone suing you — you should contact us immediately. If you wait too long, the other side may file a claim against you in Court which makes the whole process more expensive.

Building Disputes

If you are in dispute with a builder about their charges and faulty works, the contract terms and relevant laws must be considered, which you may require a lawyer’s advice on.


If You Receive A Court Summons

If you receive a ‘Summons’, ‘Claim’ or other document from a Court — call a lawyer immediately! Waiting too long could result in a judgment being made against you and all your assets (like your house and bank accounts) being at risk.

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Questions & Answers

How much does dispute resolution cost?

1 answer

Costs are a matter of great importance and something we discuss in our very first conversation with prospective clients.

Usually, we can provide a fixed fee to write an initial letter to the other side (generally between $800.00 – $1,500.00 plus GST).

In the event further negotiations are necessary, we generally charge based on the time we spend on the matter and should be able to give you estimates of cost for this in our first phone call.

What happens after I engage a lawyer for a dispute?

1 answer

This depends on your matter, but typically a lawyer will draft a letter to the other party and attempt to resolve the matter informally by telephone, written correspondence and (if agreed) a meeting.

We will be discussing these attempts to resolve the matter with you at every stage so you are informed of our actions and can direct us as necessary.

In the event it is not possible to resolve your dispute informally, we will discuss the best method of dispute resolution for your matter with you.

This could be through suing in Court or engaging in ‘alternative’ dispute resolution such as a mediation.

If you are defending against a matter, we may also give you advice on how to best protect yourself while waiting for the other side to take the next step.

Can Pace Lawyers dispute resolution lawyers help me?

1 answer

Pace Lawyers practices in a range of areas and we are well positioned to handle both simple and complex matters. Call today for a complimentary discussion about how we can help you.

What happens if my dispute goes to Court?

1 answer

The process of taking legal action in Court (known as litigation) is usually lengthy and has many steps before you get to a trial.

Also, the Court will usually require that the parties try to resolve the matter (usually through a mediation) before a matter is listed for a trial even if previous attempts to resolve the matter informally have failed.

This process can sometimes take years depending on the actions of the parties involved and the complexity of the matter.

If the matter progresses to a trial, the judge will hear evidence and make appropriate orders. Even this is not sometimes the end of the matter as there may be appeals against these orders.

Be warned, some Court processes (such as winding up applications) have very strict time limits to file documents and could result in a judgment being made against you at the first hearing. So it is always best to seek a lawyer’s advice as early as possible.

What will happen in my first phone call with a dispute resolution lawyer?

1 answer

We will generally ask you for details about your matter, who your dispute is against, and what you hope to achieve. Then one of our friendly lawyers will discuss what their initial thoughts are about how you should proceed.

We will then ask you to send through all the documents you have on your matter (such as a contract and/or email correspondences) and then provide you with our fees in writing so you can make an informed decision on whether to engage us.


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