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Pace Adelaide Legal is a boutique law firm dedicated to the provision of consistent, quality legal services – so that we remain local market leaders – and sought after by you.

Consistent, quality legal services means you can expect a healthy lawyer-client relationship which fosters trust and mutual sharing – so that you feel free to tell us everything we need to know to deliver results.

We also believe a healthy workplace is necessary to drive performance and continued delivery of consistent, quality services and outcomes. Wellness in the workplace is not just a buzzword – it is one of our founding cornerstone values since 1998.

We expect a lot and we invest a lot. We expose our people to variety of experiences and challenges – allowing grow as individuals as well as business promoters.

We recruit people who will add value to the firm and who will work collaboratively and communicate positively with our clients. We recruit people who understand and internalise these values and culture.


Pace Adelaide Legal has worked hard to develop relationships with local businesses since its inception in 1998. Our reputation for relationships and results means everything to us.

Law, done well.

Law, done better.

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