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Do you need help with a deceased estate?

If you have been appointed executor of a will you will need to establish whether or not the will is valid, this is called probate.

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What Does Probate Mean?

Probate is a certificate granted by the Supreme Court of South Australia to the effect that the Will of a deceased person has been proved and registered in the Court.

Probate allows the executor to wind up the deceased’s estate and distribute the assets.

How Do You Apply For Probate?

It is the executor that applies to the court for a grant of probate.

The application needs to be completed correctly and in full, and presented to the court with all accompanying documentation.

The application is quite complex and a large number of rules and formalities must be followed.

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Do I need a lawyer to help me with the probate application?

Whilst it is not a legal requirement, it is recommended that you engage a lawyer to assist you with the probate application process as it is technical in many aspects and professional help can streamline the process.

Why Should I Choose Adelaide Legal to handle My Probate Application?

Our Adelaide Legal team is very experienced in handling deceased Estates and probate applications.

We will take the pressure off of you at this difficult time and ensure a smooth trouble free application process.

We are skilled lawyers who take pride in our work and importantly enjoy the relationships we create and foster with our clients. You see, The Law works best when applied against a background of mutual trust and confidence.

Is Probate Necessary?

If the assets were jointly owned or had another person’s name as an owner as well, probate is usually not required, as the assets will be transferred to the 2nd owner by survivorship.

However if the assets were owned solely by the deceased and they have left a will, then probate is required.

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How Long Does Probate Take?

The length of time required to be granted probate depends on the complexity of the will and whether or not the information required is readily available.

Every will is different.

The time taken to be granted probate will be significantly less if you have the help of a good lawyer.

How much does Probate Cost?

The cost of probate depends on the complexity of the will.

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