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VOI stands for Verification of Identity and it is an important part of real estate transactions.

At some stage, you will likely require a professional to act on your behalf in a property process at the LTO (Land Titles Office). This can include the sale or purchase of a property, withdrawing or lodging a caveat, or even entering into a lease. All of these require the lodgement of prescribed documents.

Since July 2016, the way in which LTO documents are executed has changed. Previously, you (for example, as a registered proprietor selling your house) signed any LTO document on your own behalf, whereas now we (when instructed by you for the conveyance of your house sale) need to sign on your behalf.

We can only execute the required documents once we are satisfied of your identity and that you are authorised to deal with the land (e.g. that you are the registered owner). To conduct the Verification of Identity (VOI) requires a brief meeting with us, where we sight your current passport and driver’s licence (or other pre-arranged documents). At this meeting we also go through the Client Authorisation Form, which requires execution by all relevant parties. This form can give us authority for a specific transaction (e.g. a lease) or a standing authority (e.g. for a lease and any future dealings).

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