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It is understandable that some people may be apprehensive about seeing a lawyer. This could be due to fear of legal fees or the time it might take to finalise a matter. However, what prospective clients need to understand is that lawyers are crucially important and helpful when making business and/or life decisions.

These are the top 10 occasions when you should definitely see a lawyer:

  1. Drafting a Will, Power of Attorney or Advanced Care Directive
    People often do not take this seriously enough or do not want to spend the money. These are extremely important documents and you should turn your mind to them at least every 10 years or when something significant changes in your life i.e. marriage, children, divorce or death of a partner.
  2. Are you a Lessor requiring a Lease be prepared or a Lessee requiring a lease be reviewed?
    We have significant experience in leasing and know how important it is to have a properly drafted Disclosure Statement, Offer to Lease, Agreement to Lease and Memorandum of Lease. For a Lessee, you should not sign a Disclosure Statement, Offer to Lease, Agreement to Lease or a Memorandum of Lease without having it reviewed and receiving advice on it.
  3. Business Structures if starting a busines
    You need to consider what structure will best suit you from a legal (not just an accounting) perspective, i.e. sole trader, partnership, company, trust.
  4. Registering a Trade Mark
    Protection of your intellectual property is a key component for any business and advice should be received about what logo or words to register.
  5. Do I want to Franchise?
    Asking yourself the question – is my business “franchisable” ? And if it is, then seeking legal advice on the steps involved to franchise your business.
  6. Purchasing a Franchise
    Due diligence is key in purchasing a franchise business, asking all the right questions of the franchisor, receiving the Disclosure Document package and having it all reviewed by an experienced franchise lawyer before parting with your money.
  7. Dispute Resolution
    Have you become involved in a litigation? Then a lawyer is crucial to try and resolve the matter through negotiation or mediation or, if not possible, court attendance with the aid of an external barrister.
  8. Have you just separated? Are there any children of the marriage?
    If you have recently separated and are not sure what to do from that point, especially if you have children and property with your partner, it is important to seek initial legal advice on your rights.
  9. Have you fallen in a supermarket? Have you had an accident of some nature?
    If you have been injured and submitted an incident report at the place where the incident occurred and then seen a doctor for your injuries, the next step is to seek legal advice on what, if any, compensation you are entitled to, depending on the circumstances of the accident and injuries sustained.
  10. Are you an employer that wants to terminate someone’s employment OR an employee that has been wrongfully and unfairly dismissed?
    Did you sign an employment contract and have had your employment terminated OR are you unsure as to whether you need to issue an employment agreement or an independent contractor agreement?  A lawyer can assess the situation and will know whether an ex-employee has a claim for unfair dismissal and will try and resolve the matter between the parties or whether an employment agreement is required if an employee of if the role is more suited for an independent contractor.

These are just some of the situations where a lawyer is key. Do not be afraid to pick up the telephone, look at our website, see our experience and make an appointment today to seek legal advice on your matter. It will be the best decision you will make!

For advice on any of these matters please contact Mirella Angelino, BDO & Senior Associate Lawyer, Pace Lawyers on 8410 9294 or send an email via this form.