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Pace routinely prepares commercial leasing documents including Memorandums of Lease, Extensions of Lease, Memorandums of Transfer, Deeds of Surrender, Licence Agreements, Co Ownership Agreements and more. We undertake distraints and re-entries and other commercial leasing processes. We have taken instructions for the last 15 years from local real estate agencies including LJ Hooker, Leedwell, Urban Commercial, City Realty and Mastracorp. Let us help you with your business and commercial land conveyances, and all your property and conveyancing needs.

Commercial Leasing

This area of law often includes professional office space, industrial units, workshops and warehouses, retail shops (whether they are within a shopping centre or not), storage facilities and sheds, working yards and other non-residential property.

If you are planning on leasing one of these properties (whether as landlord or tenant) it is sensible to seek advice from our skilled lawyers to ensure the terms are suitable to your proposed use of the premises and importantly, reflect the bargain you believe you have struck.


Occasionally, landlords may not wish to grant exclusive possession of premises to a tenant and instead allows them to occupy on the basis that they have a contractual right to occupy only. Even in these situations, it is important to ensure the contractual license agreement stipulates the terms of occupation fully and again, reflects the bargain that each party to the contract believes they have struck. Poorly worded licence agreements are just as problematic as poorly drafted leases. Be smart and seek advice from our skilled team before concluding these bargains.

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