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If someone close to you has passed away and they have left a Will, you will need to make an application for probate. Probate is recognition that the Will is legally valid and this is something you need to do before you can administer the estate. The first step is obtaining a Grant of Probate.

You will need to gather a number of documents to make an application for the Grant, starting with the original Will and death certificate. It is important that you keep the Will in good condition, as any damage to it may create problems.

You will also need to collate specific financial information relating to the deceased, to prove the assets and liabilities of their estate.

Once you have all of your documents to hand, you will need to lodge a number of forms at the Probate Registry. When lodging these forms, you will need to attend the Registry in person and the application must meet their very strict specifications. You will also need to pay a probate filing fee at the same time, which varies depending on the gross value of the estate.

Once you have lodged the application, it may take 6 weeks or more for probate to be granted.

If you need help in preparing your application, or at any stage of the process, please call one of our friendly and understanding lawyers at Adelaide Legal. You matter to us.