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If you are experiencing violence in the home, you may be able to access support services that provide assistance in dealing with the impacts of family and domestic violence.

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Given the often limiteFamily and Domestic Violence Leaved availability of these services, it may be impractical to seek help outside of working hours. Worryingly, those experiencing domestic violence may be discouraged from taking action if they are required to take time off work, due to the risk of losing their employment.

In a move to help, the Fair Work Commission has introduced Family and Domestic Violence Leave which takes effect from 1 August 2018. This enables both full-time and part-time workers who are experiencing domestic violence, to take five days unpaid leave per 12 month period of employment (this leave is not accrued) as needed.  This aims to provide some  job security in extremely difficult circumstances and although the leave is unpaid, the move is a positive improvement in policy, providing some additional support  for those experiencing the trauma of family violence.

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