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Civil Law

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Civil law disputes come in all shapes and sizes. Adelaide Legal can take care of your contractual civil law issues, sale and purchase of goods, disputes and breach of service agreements.

Whether you’ve got an issue with your neighbour’s fence or an unpaid debt that you can’t seem to recover, you can rely on Adelaide Legal to provide you with quality legal advice and support, ensuring you are not treated unfairly or taken advantage of.

Civil Law Specialties

Breach of Contract

Did you have an agreement (verbal or written) with another party that has broken down? Adelaide Legal understand the contractual complexities involved and can work with you to resolve the issues and seek compensation for you where appropriate.

Debt Recovery

Are you owed money for goods or a service that you have provided to another party which remains unpaid? At Adelaide Legal we are experts at debt recovery. Let our experienced lawyers look after your credit control problems for you.

Civil Litigation

Sometimes matters can not be resolved amicably and need to be settled in Court. When negotiations break down, Adelaide Legal are ready to fight for your rights and have the relevant experience to do so in all Australian jurisdictions.

Dispute Resolution

Sometimes all it takes to resolve a problem is good communication and sound negotiation skills. Our friendly team at Adelaide Legal have all the necessary expertise to facilitate a solution for you, whatever the issue.


If someone has disseminated untrue information about you, whether in writing or verbally, and their actions have caused you financial or emotional loss, you may have a claim in defamation. Talk to the team who has experience in this complex area of law.


If you have been coerced into an agreement or given a misleading account of the terms involved in a contract, we can help provide you with a remedy. Adelaide Legal – you matter to us.

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