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A Few Success Stories

 Adelaide Legal recently represented a client who witnessed the exhumation of her father after he was buried in the wrong grave. Our client suffered mental harm as a result of this, which had a significant impact on her overall enjoyment of life and her ability to work. Adelaide Legal successfully negotiated a significant compensation sum of $92,500.00 to compensate our client for her resultant losses. [Adelaide Legal… Expect More]


Recently one of our valued clients was involved in two separate incidents on a commuter bus, being injured as a bus driver failed to allow him sufficient time to take his seat. As a result of these incidents our client suffered significant injuries including chronic neck and back pain and psychological injury. Prior to the accident our client had been employed by the same employer for many years. He attempted to return to work to mitigate his losses but was unable continue to work in his pre accident capacity. Adelaide Legal successfully negotiated a settlement of $368,260.37 to compensate our client for his losses arising out of both accidents. [Adelaide Legal… Expect More]